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Grievance Redress Mechanism


KWSSIP provides opportunity and access to the people affected by project’s interventions, to redress their grievances through a legitimate, reliable, transparent, and cost-effective mechanism enabling them to present their grievances and find solutions that satisfy their needs and aspirations. The aim to develop Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) is to facilitate the due process of grievance resolution by an effective and prompt grievance response system. The GRM provides a predictable, transparent, and credible process to all stakeholders, resulting in outcomes that are seen as fair, effective, and lasting.

Filing a Complaint

The complainant/s can submit their grievances by:

  • Online

An Online Complaint Form is available at KWSSIP website www.kwssip.gos.pk in Grievances Redressal Mechanism Section or clicking icon on home page.

  • By Mail


Grievance Redress Committee

Karachi Water & Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP)

G-40/1, Street 40, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S.


  • By Phone


  • By WhatsApp


  • By E-mail

The grievance may also be sent by email addressing directly to Secretary, Grievance Redress Committee on grievance@kwssip.gos.pk

Complaint Box

The grievance may also be dropped in the Complaint Box placed at the project working site.

Online Complaint Form

آن لائن شکایت فارم

Resolution of Complaint

Once the grievance is recorded, a grievance number shall be allocated and communicated to the aggrieved. In case the grievance is assessed to be out of the scope of the GRM, communication towards the same shall be made to the complainant, and an alternative mode of redress shall be suggested. As part of this acknowledgment, a tentative timeline for the redress of the grievances shall be identified. This acknowledgment shall be provided on the same day as the grievance is received along with exclusive complaint ID for future reference.

Privacy Statement

Privacy of complainant will be maintained strictly and will not be disclosed at any stage of complaint resolution.

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