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WELCOME TO KWSSIP WEBSITE - ويب سائيٽ تي ليڪار - کے ڈبلیو ایس ایس آئی پی آفیشل ویب سائٹ میں خوش آمدید۔

By 2030

By 2030

Service Delivery

  • Water supply service (house connections, water ATMs etc.) available everywhere in KWSB’s service area, including Katchi Abadis.
  • All customers have Automatic Meter Read technology meters.
  • At least 95 percent of all customers receive a bill every month, and customer receivables system wide are below 60 days.
  • Non-revenue water (commercial plus physical losses) does not exceed 25 percent system wide.

Institutional Development

  • At least 10 percent of employees are female.

Financial Viability

  • KWSB shall cover 100 percent of O&M costs, plus 100 percent coverage for debts incurred after March 31, 2019.
  • GoS shall 100 percent finance, on a grant basis, projects costing over PKR 500 million. Projects below PKR500 million to be financed 100 percent by KWSB.
  • A cost-effective energy savings program developed and implemented.

Private Sector

Private sector contracts in place for provision of potable water and/or water for industrial use for KWSB with a combined value of at least PKR 1 billion.

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