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By 2021

By 2021

Service Delivery

  • Water demand and supply studies completed that cover the next 5, 10 and 20 years.
  • Policy developed, implemented and monitored to outsource the Water Hydrants of Karachi.
  • Minimum effluent standards and a monitoring system are established in consultation with GoS for discharging effluent into its sewerage network.
  • Katchi Abadi Cell to improve services to the poor established and fully functional. · All customer service requests and complaints are resolved with 30 days.
  • A water loss reduction programme introduced to plug the leakages and stem non-revenue water restricted to 40 percent or less

Institutional Development

  • A market-based Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Government for a term of 4 years to run KWSB as a large business on corporate pattern, within three months of signing of COC.
  • Amendments made to the KWSB Act to increase its operational and financial autonomy.
  • Re-composition of the Board of Directors to better represent its customers, introduce technocrats of relevance and modernize its functions and responsibilities.
  • KWSB Directors appointed in the key areas of Finance, Information and Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Customer Service and Planning.
  • Human Resource Strategy in place that emphasizes diversity, accountability and transparency.
  • Percentage of newly recruited female employees significantly increased.

Financial Viability

  • KWSB shall charge every customer a rationale, equitable and affordable tariff for all its services.
  • Federal, provincial and local government customers will be treated exactly the same as every other customer with regard to service priority, billing and collection policies.
  • Metered customers shall be charged a volumetric tariff based on modern meter technology and monthly billing.
  • Based on a cost of service analysis, separate water and wastewater charges shall be established and KWSB shall introduce separate cost accounting for water supply and wastewater.
  • A qualified external audit firm appointed to prepare an annual audit and management letter. The external audit firm shall be changed every four years. The annual audit report from the external audit firm shall be available to public.
  • Investment financing cell established within the KWSB Planning Department to develop and implement a financing strategy with partners and reflecting the overall KSWB budget.
  • GoS (with or without assistance from international finance institutions) shall finance 100 percent of all large capital improvement projects for KWSB.
  • Efforts shall be made to incentivize the recovery of long-standing payables from bulk and retail customers. A dispute resolution unit shall be established, equipped with legal assistance.
  • An asset management study shall be conducted to acquire the position, valuation and administrative status of movable and immovable assets of KWSB. Whereever needed, transfer of titles and acquisition of ownership shall be initiated from KMC, KDA and other government departments.

Private Sector Participation

  • The KWSB MD shall develop a detailed O&M outsourcing strategy covering a five-year period, which will then be submitted to the KWSB Board of Directors for approval.
  • KWSB will pursue private sector financing where possible for selected infrastructure. All infrastructure investment will be subject to rigorous upfront study that takes into account the comparative advantage, the economic efficiency and long-term debt implications.
  • When required, and as circumstances permit, the GoS will provide guarantees to promote private sector investments in KWSB’s infrastructure assets.

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